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A cut above the rest

Have you met our village hairdressers? The Brookland, Esperance and Samford Grove hair and beauty salons are always a hit with our residents! We caught up with senior hairstylists Lorrae, Kaylene and Liza for a chat about what’s been popular and the key trends for cutting-edge over 60’s looks.

Meet Lorrae at Brookland!

Hairstylist Lorrae sits on a chair wearing a leopard print shirt in the Brookland hair and beauty salon in front of a blue wall.

Lorrae has been in the Brookland Robertson hair salon for nearly 19 years! We caught up with the hairdresser to chat the latest looks and how it all started.

For almost two decades, senior hairstylist, Lorrae has become not just the beloved hairdresser, but also a confidant and a friend to many of our residents.

“We laugh, we talk all day, I do feel like it’s my home here, if I’m honest,” Lorrae said.

Offering haircuts, styling and a bit of pampering, Lorrae said the job is often a lot more than just being a hairdresser.

“Over the years I’ve heard a lot of stories. You laugh together, you cry together, and you get to know them [the residents] and you get to love them as much as their families, they almost become your family and you grow with them.”

Lorrae started her hairdressing journey at just 15 and now 40 years later, she’s still snipping away in the salon. Lorrae also works closely with Pam, Brookland’s second hairdresser.

“Pam has inspired me, she has fresh, new ideas and it’s been nice to work together. We pride ourselves on offering comfort for our clients and the best service they can get,” Lorrae said.

In terms of what makes the ‘cut?’ There’s no specific haircut at Brookland, Lorrae says the looks all vary.

“We perm a lot. Some ladies come in for a shampoo and blow-dry each week, others get a hair colour or cut when they can.”

The salon has become incredibly popular at Brookland, and residents often book one week or two weeks in advance.

“We are open on Saturdays by appointment for those who might not be able to make it during the week,” Lorrae said.

When she’s not trimming away in the salon, Lorrae’s spending time with her two children or performing jazz and tap dancing.

Meet Kaylene over at Esperance!

Hairstylist Kaylene holds phone and takes selfie in a black blouse with light auburn hair.

With more than 32 years’ experience, Kaylene certainly knows a thing or two about cutting and styling hair.

A Gold Coast local, Kaylene has previously owned her own salons in Brisbane’s New Farm and the at Paradise Point but loves the buzz at Esperance.

“The residents are lovely, I really enjoy my time here and the staff are fantastic, Michael and Daniel are beautiful,” Kaylene said.

Popular with Esperance residents, Kaylene is open daily, on hand to ensure residents look and feel their best.

“The trends are mostly haircuts. Some come in for a blow dry each week but it’s mostly short, simple low-maintenance styles,” Kaylene said.

“The salon now offers a small range of facial beauty treatments including waxing services and eyelash and brow tinting!”

The hair salon is just one of the premium on-site amenities for residents to enjoy at Esperance.

Kaylene said it’s a convenient luxury that residents love having.

“The salon is really convenient for residents; all they need to do is come down the elevator for their appointments.”

At Samford Grove, meet Liza!

Hairstylist Liza takes selfie in the hair salon with a black blouse and black glasses.

For over 36 years Liza Kirk has been helping women look and feel their best.  Since 2011, the hairstylist has been getting to know the residents at Samford Grove and adding her creative flair to hair.

“I love coming to work! I know not many people can say that, especially when Monday rolls around, but I do love what I do,” Liza said.

Born and raised in Samford, Liza is an expert in the area, and able to share her knowledge of local coffee spots and shops for residents.

“The residents are lovely, I like meeting new people and catching up with those I’ve known for a while and providing that personalised service, I like being creative and it’s not too far from home for me.”

While residents pop in for a cut, colour or a refresh, the Samford local says the experience is more than just cutting hair, she learns a lot from her clients too.

“Our residents have really interesting backgrounds, from where they’ve worked or where they’ve lived, they have interesting lives and it’s great hearing that.”

After owning her own salons and even working on weddings, Liza has a wealth of knowledge and has truly made her mark at Samford Grove.

“I worked from home when my kids were younger but over the past 12 years, I’ve been able to really grow with the salon,” she said.

As for the cutting-edge trends? Liza says there’s a wide variety of looks emerging from the salon.

“There’s a few foils and modern hairstyles for the early 60’s and a few perms, which takes me back to my apprenticeship days!

“There’s a real variety of looks, we also offer brow waxing and tints in the salon too,” she said.

While no two days are the same in the salon, Liza says she has a love of both hairdressing and the Samford Grove village.

“I love hairdressing, I like the atmosphere and the staff: Bronwyn, Cathie, Des and Jacqui are all great to have, it’s a real feel-good place.”

The Samford Grove hair and beauty salon is just one of the many exciting amenities for residents to enjoy, open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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