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Fish & Chip Friday

There’s no denying that us Aussies love fish and chips. Whether it’s a treat at the beach or a week-night tradition, we all love this salty sensation, so of course we can get behind this event.

Originally celebrated by the Brits in the UK, National Fish ‘n’ Chip Day is held on the first Friday in June.

At Samford Grove, it was a packed house in the Homestead as the café prepared a delicious lunch for residents. Crispy hot chips with a colourful garden salad sat amongst crumbed fish and a quintessential slice of lemon.

While in the newly completed café at Esperance, it was all-hands-on-deck as the lunch special quickly sold-out. General Manager Michael Foster and Lifestyle Concierge Daniel Garland both “chipped” in to help out in the kitchen as residents enjoyed their fish and chips lunch overlooking the water.

Michael Foster and Daniel Garland in the kitchen at Esperance Cafe.
Samford Grove staff smiling in the kitchen making fish and chips.
Plate of fish and chips with garden salad and a slice of lemon on plate.

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