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Reside’s pets and pampered pooches

Meet the furry, fluffy and four-legged friends that call our Reside communities home.

Bella is beloved at Samford Grove

Heather and Max hold Bella, a black cavoodle dog in thier arms at Samford Grove.

Max and Heather Black’s Bella is an outgoing, playful pooch. She’s quite popular with her fellow residents too.

Bella is a Cavapoo, a mix between a Poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and at just 12 months old she’s already a valued member of the Samford Grove community.

“She thinks it’s great here, we go and have a brew at the Headquarters and people make a fuss about her. I think she likes people making a fuss about her too,” Max said.

“We’ve always had dogs, our poodle sadly passed before we moved and we vowed never to get a dog again but we felt a bit lost.”

“She loves jumping on the bed and she can be a bit of a handful, but we’re lucky to have her.”

After a month of moving in, Bella bounced into the family and Max and Heather haven’t looked back, Max said she’s often following them around the house.

“She’s a good companion. Heather’s getting her hair cut at the moment and Bella’s waiting at the door for her to come back.”


Ruby loves the move to Brookland

Barry Templeman walks beagle Ruby around Brookland park.

Whether it’s a walk around the village or a trip to Bunnings, Barry and Toni Templeman’s lovable beagle, Ruby, is always keen to get outside and sniff around.

“With Ruby, we’ve been here for six months, and it’s been a seam-free experience, everyone seems to love her,” said Toni. 

“I enjoy embroidery and sewing, Ruby’s always at my feet. Whatever I do, she wants to be by my side.”

Both dog lovers, Barry and Toni adopted Ruby when she was just a little pup, 12 years ago.

“We saw a litter, there were about nine all together in the litter and we noticed that there were two together, Bella and Ruby,” said Toni.

“We asked to buy two because Ruby was the runt of the litter, but Bella always helped her — if there was food, Bella would nudge Ruby to make sure she was included.”

The two beagles were named Bella and Ruby and welcomed into the Templeman family before the couple made the move to Brookland.

“Bella passed away about a year and a half ago, and then Ruby stepped up and became very obedient,” said Toni. 

The bright-eyed beagle loves socialising, going for walks, heading to the dog park to meet other dogs and of course, treats.

“She’s very social, she likes children and older people.  We took her to puppy school and that really helped gain her confidence.” 

“Something we love about Brookland Retirement Village, when we take Ruby for a walk, we often stop off at the outside café area for morning tea or lunch. Ruby just sits quietly hoping for a food drop or two. Residents always pat her as they go into the Club House for activities. The food and coffee served at Brookland are delicious also.”


Ollie offers companionship and plenty of pats at Brookland

Ollie, a black greyhound dog stands in a foyer with a blue leash and green collar on. A whiteboard can be seen in the background.

Meet Michael and Glenise Dagwell’s dog Ollie!

You might think a greyhound would be a lot of work, but it turns out they’re the perfect pair for retirement living.

“Like all greyhounds, Ollie is lazy, and he knows all about food and sleep,” said Michael.

Michael and Glenise’s dog Ollie is a rescue Greyhound that’s been in the village for well over three years.

“He’s got quite the fan club here, everyone’s all quite taken back and there’s nothing but good remarks,” said Michael.

Ollie’s a bit of a character in his own right.”

Both Michael and Glenise are dog lovers and have welcomed Ollie into their family with open arms.

“He’s quite alert, he’s a wonderful greyhound,” said Michael.

Michael recommends people thinking of adopting an easy, care-free dog to consider a greyhound.

“They’re companions, they sleep a lot, they’re friendly, he’ll walk about 100 yards and then be happy to go home.”


Cougar calls Brookland home

Cougar the cat certainly lives up to her name, at 20 years old, the short-haired tabby and white cat lives with Del at Brookland after moving across from Perth last year.

“She was originally a foster cat, we got her at 14 and she’s settled in perfectly,” said Del.

“I was a volunteer at the Cat Haven in Perth, where we looked after a lot of cats, about 8,000 a year and I promised Terry no more in 2014 after our last cat.”

“Then in 2016 Cougar arrived, originally for short term palliative care and she’s lived on and on.”

“She’s on a lot of medication for a few health issues but she’s a curious, adventurous, old girl.”

Del and Cougar venture out to the garden and the Clubhouse for half an hour each day, for the cat to explore and take in the sights around Brookland.

“Most people are really happy to see her and have a pat or a cuddle,” said Del.

Though she might be old, she’s still young at heart. The 20-year-old cat still likes to venture around the house.

“We caught her walking outside the balcony railing and along to the end of the ledge, on the outside of the building one day, we live on the top floor, and I almost had a panic attack, so she doesn’t do that now.”

“She can be cheeky at times but she’s a good cat.”

Cougar sadly passed away on Tuesday, 5th September and will be remembered by residents across the Brookland community.

“She was a little bit of a celebrity in her own way,” said Del.

Cougar the cat hiding amongst the garden at Brookland.

We know pets are an important part of our residents’ lives and families here at Reside. Whether it’s Samford Grove or Brookland, each of our retirement communities is unique but all share our focus on delivering choice, service and experience that exceed expectations. Find
out more on Fairway Carindale, Brookland Robertson, Samford Grove or Esperance Hope Island today.

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