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Samford Grove resident Dawn Morton celebrates 60 years of motherhood this Mother’s Day

Samford Grove resident Dawn Morton will celebrate 60 years of motherhood this year.

With a large family spanning over five generations, Dawn has seven children and 17 grandchildren.

“Family is most important to me and it’s great when the family comes to see you,” Dawn said.

“Some of the family are in Perth but the others visit 2-3 times a week and they don’t live too far away, which is nice.”

Dawn’s family crosses five generations – her eldest is 60 and her youngest is 50 and with 17 grandchildren, the eldest is 31 and the youngest is 7.

“We raised them well, my husband was there all the time to help take care of the children, they went to private schools and university and for those that wanted to attend university, we encouraged that,” she said.

“The eldest has retired, another is an electrician, a marine engineer in Perth, another in nursing and council work, my daughter is a librarian and works at an airline. Andrew has his own air conditioning business, and my other daughter is in human resources, so they’re all quite busy.”

“I’m very lucky to have them. I’m in good health, but I know they’re always around, and if I need help, I can ask.”

Whether it’s popping in for morning tea or coming together for lunch, her five sons and two daughters love visiting and have a breakfast planned for this year’s Mother’s Day celebrations.

“On Mother’s Day we usually go to out. My daughters are taking me out to breakfast this year which will be nice.”

A resident at Samford Grove since April 2010, Dawn’s late husband Max Morton helped the development of the Samford Area Men’s Shed in 2013.

“He came out [to Samford] and helped start the Men’s Shed, he had been a councillor previously and has a park named after him in Arana Hills, but he was involved a lot with the Men’s Shed and giving them a permanent place to meet.”

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Samford Grove resident Dawn Morton holds a picture frame of her family in the Samford Grove library.

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