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The Reside Communities team is growing!

As our communities continue to grow, so too does our team!

If you’ve been out and about lately at Samford Grove or Brookland Robertson, you may have noticed a few new team members.

Debbie Lewis-Blank is Brookland Robertson’s newest café attendant. She’s been busy serving lunch and tasty beverages to residents at the Village Café – make sure you swing by for a treat!

At Samford Grove, Cathie MacLean has joined Ali and Jacqui as the team’s newest village administrator. Since she started, Cathie has been busy helping residents around the community and completing general administration and reception duties.

Meet Debbie Lewis-Blank

Debbie has been in the hospitality business for years, so she knows a thing or two about making the perfect cuppa. We had a quick chat with Debbie after lunch to find out how the new job’s going.

Brookland's Debbie, Bree and Di

Brookland’s Debbie, Bree and Di

How are you finding Brookland?
I love it! I love coming into work each day, seeing the residents and making their coffees. It’s a great place to work and it’s a place where you love the people you work with too.

What do you enjoy most about the job?
I love making coffees, chatting to the residents and getting to know them.

What’s a favourite item on the menu?
It would have to be the chicken filo salad and of course the coffee!

Sounds yummy! What about relaxing? What’s a Sunday afternoon look like for you?
Sundays are usually for gardening, catching up with the kids — they’re all grown up now, so seeing them and spending time with my husband of 26 years.

Meet Cathie Maclean

Over at Samford Grove, At Samford Grove, Cathie MacLean is the newest village administrator.

Working alongside Ali and Jacqui in reception, Cathie is already popular amongst the residents, helping them around the community and completing general administration and reception duties. We asked Cathie how she’s settling in and what she’s loving most about the job.

Cathie MacLean

How are you finding Samford Grove?
I love working here. I’ve worked in retirement before, and I really love it. I’m very people orientated and helping where I can, and Samford Grove is a beautiful village. More than anything, I like the feeling of connection and being able to greet residents by name each day.

What’s a “must see” at Samford Grove?
I’d curl up with a book in the library, with a cappuccino near the fireplace! There’s nice couches and it’s been beautifully decorated in there.

Where should we take the family to?
There’s often events at Samford Grove. But for family visiting around Samford area, there’s the Little Tree restaurant. Samford Edible Garden Trail is an annual event all about home-grown food or even Mt Glorious rainforest for a walk.

We’ll have to check those out! What’s a Sunday afternoon look like for you?
I garden most days, so I’d be in the garden or preparing dinner, catching up with the kids for a meal, (I have bees at home too), as well as catching up on the washing and things like that.

Cathie and Debbie are just some of the many friendly faces at Samford Grove and Brookland Robertson, and with a range of state-of-the-art facilities, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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